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Experience Our Vibrant Community - Global Minds, Local Heart

Discover the rich tapestry of Gardenia’s vibrant community, a melting pot of global minds with a local heart. Immerse yourself in a diverse network of creative thinkers, wellness enthusiasts, and adventurous spirits from around the world, coming together under the azure skies of Tulum. Engage in enlightening discussions over communal dinners, partake in enriching local excursions, and create lasting connections. Embrace the spirit of inclusivity and cultural exchange that defines our community – because at Gardenia, we believe that luxury isn’t just about surroundings, it’s about the people you share them with.

Co-working. Luxury. Community

Gardenia welcomes you to a vibrant co-working community, where collaboration and innovation are fostered within a luxurious setting in Tulum. Our high-end co-working spaces are designed with the latest technology, boasting high-speed internet, ergonomic workstations, smart meeting rooms, and specialized quiet zones for optimal productivity. Beyond workspaces, our communal areas are a hub for networking, ideation, and mutual growth, while an on-site cafĂ© keeps our community energized. Gardenia is more than just a workspace, it’s a diverse community united by a shared passion for technology and success. Join us, and experience the fusion of technology, luxury, and community in co-working like never before.

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Purchase a Premium Membership Plan and unlock a world of luxury at your fingertips. Experience the best of Gardenia, because you deserve nothing less and save up to 20% off on short stays, services, and much more.

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