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Psychedelic Drugs Really Do Trigger a 'Higher' State of Consciousness


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An article found most interesting.
Psychedelic Drugs Really Do Trigger a 'Higher' State of Consciousness.
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People who use psychedelic drugs have described the experience as feeling as though they have reached a "higher state of consciousness."  And now, a brain scan study backs them up.

People in the study who used psychedelic drugs showed patterns of neural activity that were "higher" by some measures, compared with normal waking consciousness, researchers in England found.

There are some and then others who may not have experimented with such drugs. And sure a few went from experimenting to full scale research on a personal level if you know what I mean. I would like to point out these two paragraphs further down the article.

"People often say they experience insight under these drugs ― and when this occurs in a therapeutic context, it can predict positive outcomes," said Cahart-Harris, who was not involved in the new study.
However, the researchers stressed that although the drug-induced psychedelic state might appear as a higher-level consciousness based on the particular measure used in the study, it does not mean it is more desirable, or that being in this state is healthier."

With such a subject I must stay true to my nature and write this.

Our minds works on many levels you see
Sometimes with chemicals also naturally
Each of us operates on levels most unknown
Personal experience and now science has shown
Higher planes of consciousness, proven to be a reality

Some may come to state it is by Intelligent Design
Most will say part of the essence of God Divine
Can say man is evolving and all these statements true
The wonder of our brains still learning spiritually a clue
Scientific evidence, already realized is knowledge refined


On a personal note, let each develop on their own level in the timespan of the individual. For believing do not mess with the nature of what we may eventually become. Where some may say true Gods on their own accord. And what I personally believe as Children of God soon we will be as Adults learning the way of what glorified yet will need a Heavenly Life Coach/Teacher and best friend. As whatever belief one may hold every person will be as one.

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