What Would


 By "He So Said"

Never to put myself on par of Martin Luther King's inspiration to the country. After these years I feel many have forgotten what he stood for and how we conduct ourselves. I do feel so led to make this post building on how his life has touched mine. The current events of today I wonder what words of wisdom or encouragement he would say.

I myself have great trepidation of what the future holds.

A time never seen before with this past election. Troubles me on two issues, well more than that but will say this. Emotions run high and once again we find ourselves divided. The results are in and troubling to myself the hate going around over it. I believe if results were reversed we would still have basically the same high emotions of others.


We have groups seriously troubled and fearful. Let us hold on to the hope the new presidency works to bring good to the country. We should take a breath, even with our strong feelings and concern. Let time unfold and see what happens.

As it is now many are fanning the flames of fear and unrest. I cannot omit in my opinion there are many behaving immaturely because disbelief of how could this happen? In addition of social disability between communities and those sworn to protect and serve.

"We must remember our actions in the present fuels the events of the future." Trying to relate civil hostility does great harm in the circumstances of any day. Let us pay due diligence with patience. There are actions, peaceful and civil.

Let us seek wisdom from Martin Luther King and many others on advancing the human experience and times in which we live. "For when the past speaks to the present, the future will follow a righteous true path."


Which shadow do we cast? Any shadow can be brought into view by the light in truth of right and wrong. It rests upon how we look upon ourselves.


I have a Dream was so said

Words from his heart better future ahead

He had a vision of new day

No hatred, harmony the way

People, no difference color of face

Respected, equal, one family, one race

With strength of character he gave hope

With bravery, courage to others he spoke

Injustice never more a concern

Always a lesson to embrace and learn

Dream lives on in heart and mind

Reminder of the way we continue to find

Touched by the man we all proclaim

In remembrance to Martin Luther King

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