What Can’t Be Unseen


Along with beauty can be seen with the unpleasant. Such as it is. For what we see with the Minds Eye always of our own. And forever with us. So true, what has been seen can not be unseen. I write this to release inner feelings,

The good, and the bad. The beautiful and the ugly. The harmony and the turmoil. The love, and the hate. The joy and the tears. The sirens, people coming to aid. The sirens, another senseless event. The singing of hymns, the howls of pain. We will forever  see contradiction. In my opinion, us versus them. Believe in the word "Us" is for the Good. With the word "Them" just means the contradiction of what life and how opposite takes away from all of us.




What effect does this have to us
Heart sinks or blind to disgust
Speaking for myself, there is no excuse
Driven near insane, Minds Eye abuse
What can't be unseen, never can adjust

Contradiction, cause of many conflicts
People of different minds, sides do pick
Have no answers, way of the world I confess
Inner self torn, still own lives to address
Examples, duality of world we must admit


This is just a post on how I feel
Knowing very well the two are real
May come a time Minds eye will revolt
Helpless yes, our soul will have a stroke
What can't be unseen, reaction revealed

Shootings, riots among people take place
Contradiction fueling turmoil we face
Causes more than just a few
Action, not words what we must do
Tip the balance what seen, or forever disgraced

We are people of color. Black, and white we all of one skin. Color world over we are men and women. Dressed in blue. Innocent walking along the streets. Caretakers, lawbreakers we never know. In church, in the schools. Afraid a neighbor with plans of destruction. Tip the scale of the ugly seen, then freed from most events obscene. Aware or not influences make our actions take over. Again I have no answers, Yet, too damn bad our eyes see everywhere and everything.

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