To Be


If we take the letter "I" and assign it as "Interest"

Add letter "N" search the heart what comes "Nearest"

Multiply with the letter "S" over time becomes "Success"

"P" can become many things but best served as "Purpose"

Another "I" be confident and vigilance results will "Surface"

"R" can represent many things, say a coming of season of what's "Best"

Think of "E" as part of ourselves, no matter how long the desire will "Attest"

If not today, or tomorrow one will know "D" will double our "Interest"

At this moment in time these words came to me. A catalyst I believe not yet found, or where a thought or action will lead. I feel all things comes in its due season, always open to what fills a need. Whether one have yet found their true calling, I count myself there indeed. Knowing there are many others with the same hunger also to feed. Perhaps best attitude to realize in a sense inspired maturity. So many factors hinder us don't we all agree. Let ourselves be who we are and know we are in good company. Never know when it will dawn upon us. We will know, then proceed.

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