Timeless Arrow

Shot So Vital

Arrow of time never ending.
Speculations of the beginning.
Thoughts and ideas difficult to grasp.
The wise state details, many questions yet asked.
With each answer find ourselves winning.

Two steps forward, one step back, every day we take.
Moments in time, for common good forsake?
Us and them, you and I, plainly forgotten it is we.
Apple and William Tell once so written aim seen clearly.
Lose sight of distance, progress missed, all at stake.

For if missed target of the greater good.
Reversed time, civilization falls, where once stood.
As were written many events in history.
Learning from the past practice literary.
With arrow of time, set sight, aim for brotherhood.

The very legend of William Tell itself did have an enormous influence on the history of Switzerland and of other countries. For in it he did not lose understanding of events brought upon him and how his actions resulted in different outcomes. This is not a history lesson for it is not meant to be.

In one aspect of this post I changed it for something to think about. We know, no need to Tell, we are a strong people. Seeking to reach for the greater good. Each minute we cross a path of what may be so taken.

In these times we find ourselves in, look to a brighter future or stop and think of the actions of the present. To aim with clear sight and not deny our true potential. The future of moving forward, or aimlessly point ourselves straight back into times of past. The arrow of time will continue forward but will we relive over and over of what we see today. And knowing of the past, what outcome will we find ourselves in tomorrow?

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