Far And Near

Those who has followed me for awhile know how it looks like I set out with a purpose. To a grand message or something. Not the case at all. Start out one idea end with something totally different. Go with flow, see where it leads.


When I started this and changed four times ended up with this. I had mentioned I am a odd person with no special intent. I do my thing  A.S.L, again verified strange, I go by. As So Led, what can I say. It is what it is. Go with the flow. Here and I go again, being an odd one.

Television and radio, what we now hear

Difference between laughter, those facing fear

The beautiful, the ugly, all within sight

Peaceful for many, cries of more at night

Television and radio bring differences far and near


Emotions run high, yet strenght lives within

Purpose of hatred, purpose of life we defend

Fear mongers intentions, life we hold dear

They think we afraid, the opposite clear

Right over wrong, we prevail once again


The way I look it we are all the same. In any uniform represent great people world over. Not just here in America. Regular folk, We want friends and family safe. Fight for a just cause. Those who care about what is good. Know what grand purpose come from the heart. Men and women in every country we are. Troubled by all insane crap going on. From terrorism and the like. God Bless those who give and not take. They stand for us, with us.

However they come out. Here I go again doing my thing. I like both phrases and quotes, two sides of a coin come to mind. Message, here is the beauty we can see beauty and the ugly. The Warrior song pride also confidence to get the job done. Show Will get job done, if need be, can be. This is life, this post a tribute and who touched by. When watching these two videos. Reminds over spacious skies we, As a Child of God,  as a servant , as so led. I go by faith, with many thoughts, Many faults.

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