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Could be on, then again maybe no

Can it be off yet would we really know

If yes can lead to many possibilities

If we up the anti what matters complexity

Maybe yes, perhaps no, subjectively what does it show




Here also there most know what I speak

Perhaps some sort of binary mystique

Yet what do I know I do confess

My two working brain cells does so express

An image can lead words to idiocy unique


Family History

Talking Bout Our Generation

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Explore Said He

Times past, Marcos sailing over oceans blue. Always looking for challenges, seeking something new.

Never content, yearning to explore.
Friends thought him crazy. His desire to see more.

A voyage he alone, adventure believed great. One with the world. Let nature decide his fate.

Held the belief so much to see.
Clues lay ahead considered mystery.

Grown wiser always asking where and how.

Marcos returning home, his journey far from complete.

Gazing up at the heavens.

Said He