Sunshine Clouds

What may be,
A feeling from me.

FRAMEOf thoughts and impressions of world today. The older of us remember how at time did not pay much attention other than the inner circle of our life. Personal well being, enjoying life as best one could. Being with family and friends as part of daily life.

In several ways a strong feeling or described a vision in the near future many will be confused by a series of events. Then when realized forever too late. Just as the past influenced the present. What we see today tells me look out for the future. While never truly known until it becomes a now point in time.

This post is not preach, many are foretelling whether from media. I find best to put it into one group. For television, radio and all other social media we see and hear it is not hard to realize a big change coming. We of faith still fear, yet fear not because of our faith. Although in the manner I write I may appear I do not adhere strictly to every verse of the Bible. Other teachings given by the Creator or any else perspective. I go as led.

There is a truth from every person in every corner of the world for we are of one race. And for those of like minds. Allow me to express it this way, however one may think. Be it from Atheist, Agnostic, and all world religions. The vision of the future will be what many never given thought to. 

All we should do is keep in mind.

circling clouds


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