By Quoted Thoughts

Subtract any feeling of regret
Darken those thoughts that may conspire
Be yourself in every aspect
Be unique, let love be the amplifier


For every minute given new start
Each day may bring blessings, so take heart
Rest the soul and worries will fade
Let your confidence be the aid
Concerns of any place and time shall depart


Let any image, let take shape
For in the mind nothing escapes
Be not troubled, only to realize
Focus on what felt, what it implies
True picture of our life landscape

Look through the lens of its meaning
What message, which ideas convening
Develop the true nature of what felt
Reconize one can say by the cards dealt
Another snapshot, think positive, believing

Words of wisdom past down from others
Lifes lessons from sisters and brothers
Capturing with the camera of memories
Let us have confidence for it is our destiny
To be ourselves and to love, respect another

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