Science Without Religion Is Lame



It is impossible to put myself on same level or par with great minds of past and present. Realize just an ongoing process to learn to the best of my ability. In time given we look to see, we aware together help bring understanding. Again, to the best of ability.


I am writing never to impress, only a response to the question asked. Of Einstein' quote. Put my thoughts as so inspired by these quotes. I did choose these for in my mind best relate my thoughts with the subject.




For now will leave out fundamentals on many beliefs especially mine. I see it rather humbling to say as others put it. Along with science so defined as the study of structure and behavior of the physical and natural world, through observation and experiment. This I have read somewhere.

My thoughts on the subject one can never exist without the other. I believe two words can say it best. Curiosity and perceived proof, leading into perspective. How do we define religion? To say into the single concept of must be a higher power of what is seen and felt embraced. Both never blind nor lame.

As with searching for truth, clearly to be seen and learn. Ongoing observations with a conclusion with what can be true with each one as with the other. Embracing the meaning of curiosity with realization of both. Thus one without the other can we answer such questions. Or with confidence by belief filling both understanding and evidence. Never lame or blind. Viewpoints, perspective and or confused. With us all we take a position based on belief what understood. Taken on what we feel and experience. A Perspective or again what can one believe. Always my main thought is. "I wish I was as smart as I think I am." My view is,,

Again, it is only a matter of Perspective.


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I was asked by others to write something about this topic.

Responce from an article at SparkOnIt

D.A Glann

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