Right Now

We spend our days and nights going about routine. Often forgetting what may be going on elsewhere. Events, people and circumstance. We lose sight or never considered the world with all its people each with separate lives. This very moment I am at my keyboard and a high probability someone is doing the same. Just as likely someone buying a new one. Host of examples. May not be a good one it paints a picture.

Birth, the first, The time, the moments,
Always follow the path aware.
Two happening at same point in time.

Knowing world over a child is born.
Another place a passing away.
We share moments of the here and now.

Aware of the single moment. A right now given perspective. We can keep track of current events, feel the emotions. Of our own and of others. Single moment a thought, idea of what may be taking place anywhere in the world. That second in time, connected, This moment in time.

Think of all the books, music and movies show this in many ways. Or relate knowing at one place, a known of elsewhere. The idea of single intance of shared experience. Often with all of us, a wonder by what, where of possibility.


On occasion i remember what my grandfather gave to me. At the time did not recognize the wisdom of it all. Sit talking for hours. Talk about what was happening and somewhere. Again typing on this wireless keyboard how many are doing the same.

Some times I think of the grim, and a second later the uplifting. Depending on what mood is set. As with us all, feelings of the wonder of being alive. This is what this song means to me.

  • Good old Rock and roll
  • Thinking and wondering
  • What is going on Right Now

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