Reliable Sources

Reliable Sources


In pondering on what to post on this section of my three. I am always in awe of great and wise words and quotes. As one with limited working brain cells I like to give a tip of the hat to those who both inspire and give a resource for me to both learn from, and to become. Hopefully today to be more of who I was yesterday and tomorrow to be wiser than today. If someone else said that or similar, sure hard to tell what truly is original. Or is this just a simple newborn thought of mine.

We never know where words of wisdom will come from. Have a casual conversation with a new acquaintance and great words of advice or an insight which helps sometime later.  Helps along the Path to glory, School of Life, along with the Arrow of Time traversed. Does not matter what personal belief one may hold. For as the many quotes of the famous or ones with good old common sense. Every word leading to a better self is good as gold, as it make us all a little richer and the wiser.




Again adding my two cents worth
Just as a child, ideas starts with birth
Never desire to impress, only to grow
Each mind of humankind ideas will flow
Another wonder of our dear Mother Earth

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