Begs Answers

A question, answer we find wanting more

Curiosity of what may be beyond closed doors

Clues we seek, knowledge not known before

Magical moments. understanding we adore

Max Planck changed physics and our understanding of the world forever when he discovered that hot objects do not radiate a smooth, continuous range of energies as had been assumed in classical physics. Instead, he found that the energies radiated by hot objects have distinct values, with all other values forbidden. This discovery was the beginning of quantum theory – an entirely new type of physics – which replaced classical physics for atomic scale events. Max Plank

Easy to be humble learning from great minds of the past. Admit limited understanding on many things. Yet always ask of myself to learn even if it is a bit of trivia  Each of us learn at our own pace. Just as another day we live our memory grow longer. Along with each day our life grows shorter. This simply a tribute to one of many who stand as heroes in the world of science.


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