Or Deception

These words are only words as so written
Only an abstract view. a nonsensical proposition

Stare closely see shapes of infinity

Grasping the simplest of formalities

In the sense of the sped up view of design

As in fundamental workings of the mind

Perhaps a part of a perceived reality


Simulation, hologram, theories abound of true
Abstract thoughts, become ideas, concepts give clue
Each perspective of one or more gives choice or decision
We may never know factual and pure imagination
Wonder of it all is we reach for truth and/or fiction

Look at the meeting of ideas reaching to infinity
Searching to make meaning of conscious normality
As order from disorder is it by design
We scratch our heads hoping answers we find

What if writing this as a dream within a dream?
Different shapes and geometric complexity I mean
Understanding may escape of this I write
Deep thought or simply a nonsensical insight

Straight line the base, linear flow
Train of thought

From there perceive the prevalent triangle

Physical location in three dimentions

Will the circle be unbroken the answer is no
Loop equals infinity

The square is what can be placed within
Frame of Mind

Just what is the base in which we begin

We try to unlock a door with the key with imagination. Beyond it is another submission – a 1. dimension of sound, a 2. dimension of sight, a 3. dimension of mind. You’re moving into a land of both shadow and substance, of things and ideas. You’ve just crossed over into the Dazzle/Baffle Zone. Thats Life  🙂

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