Nature Of Love

Love is of the seed

Our mind wonders in many directions. Never knowing, just as gazing out the window in a daydream. The inner mind and soul leads to both flights of fancy, or unbeknown perception of the artistic nature in us all. Of the beautiful and the not so. However, God created all for us to love and cherish. Nature as love, Life as the tree. As beliefs with Native Americans and other people in this world. What we take from Mother Earth we also give for it brings harmony and balance to us all. 



Nature of love, Life as a tree
Heart captures, two become as one
Everlasting bond, destined to be
On Earth, in Heaven love lives on
Nature is of the tree, Love is of the seed



With the view as with two young lovers, our nature is to love. In so doing Life grows from the seeds of nature. For this is the tree of life.

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