Many Points Of View


Many Schools Of Thought Very True

Look to the left, look to the right, look within
Think not house of cards but more of this expression
Through corridors of life, as we each so guided
What one may see, something more is sighted
Each path we take, true self, life so given

What one may see, another may not notice
Or the other may reconize however did not focus
We each view the world by what things represent
By what we envision with our own consent
Truly guides, the destination where it may lead us

One may see the world, one point of view
Those who seek wisdom is what to be driven to
Landmark on the left, landmark on the right
Our minds interpret all that is within sight
Being so translated as with the one, the many each is true

We not judge different frames of mind
For many schools of thought with humankind
Let us never forget, what may seem odd to some
Is normal for others, misunderstood defines confusion
It is not in the differences, but in commonality seek to find

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