In Three Words

I Can Say This


If I were in a beauty contest, not likely as a man who avoids looking into mirrors as it is depressing. Joking aside, look at where we are at today. Which for myself somewhat depressing. It is at this point in time with current events these are some thoughts, Voices and opinions are great, but let us leave out contempt and hate.

Man, woman and child ever has been.
Personalities many, yet same within.
Images of observation, judgement persist.
For ages seems out of reach, coexist.
Generations past, even today forgotten Akin.

With today in which we live.
Why so many, so many, so combative?
Beatles song lyric: "Come together right now,
Over me" last two words "Shall We" or don't know how?
America the Beautiful is the image best to give.

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