If You Are A Grammar Nazi

Scientists Have Bad News For You

Grammar Nazi, or someone who constantly points out typos and grammatical errors he or she observes online has “less agreeable” personalities than the one who overlooks the errors, according to a new study. And, such people are generally less open, and are more likely to judge you for your mistakes more negatively than anyone else.

The study was carried out by researchers at University of Michigan, and is the first to show that an individual’s personality traits can actually determine how one reacts to typos and grammatical errors. more

Disclaimer blah, blah, blah. Only a side note. Simply an opinion, and personally I feel we have become a people whining or lashing out as protest. If a topic or belief strikes a narcissistic level of response. And correction duty bound to get across. 

The article touches as one of many how our behavior has changed. How in this instance a big deal to one matters little to another. Society has become so focused on being politically correct. I am guilty of not spelling and or context which in writing simply saving time and true with laziness.

Hmmm that doesn't sound right. And all kinds of shortcuts. And in many cases I do not bother, for the meaning is still there. Pet peeves can be found everywhere and bound to be said. After all, whether in typos and or beliefs or policy. We always find a way to, well no reason to carry on. Nitpicking comes to mind.

Within images or writing on the wall, a matter of choice. Correction accessed, and will leave it as two lines in a song. "You see it your way, and I see it my way".

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