I So Wonder, Nation Asunder

Is it really us versus them? Or emotions ruling us within.









right doing it



I so wonder, the nation today
Events I see how are we going astray
Emotions high, confrontation erupts
Division clear, anguish corrupts
A nation apart by what many do and say

We see actions, now forming factions
How can it be, conflicting passions
Anger and frustration, cause and effect
What seen, what brought forth most complex
I so wonder, nation asunder, worse distraction

Reasons current, season of enough is enough
Validity clear, hatred and fear rebuff
No one solution, most certainly clear
Are days truly forgotten the belief so dear
Great people, great words spoken well enough

All people, actions and words, mind of maturity
Remind what do to one done to country
Emotions, reactions ever felt so deserved
Not the answer, yet the future we must observe
We are bound to the principle of a just society



Regrets may be easily forgotten possibly true. Memory lane places the very best review. After all, a frame of mind protects itself. Believing surely right we trust oneself. No one desires mistaken what we knew.

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