For What We Strive For

With the current state of affairs we live in. I try to express my thoughts to its lowest common denominator. With the worry of our unknown future still remember there are many good causes to focus on.

To see the faces of those struggling, now more than ever. Television and other media asking for support for worthy causes. With my faith as we wish able to do more. I find it difficult to watch television. With one commercial of us more fortunate to buy what really are luxuries, and not long after another commercial asking for help with some of these major causes.

 For three years, or something like that I sponsored a child from Save The Children. Actually two children, a boy and a girl. I was confident my money did help the children. Until forced to stop, due to my own financial situation. I am confident many give generously, only posting this as someone as not as good as I once was in lifestyle.


I hope If anyone feel inspired to make a donation or pass it on next. That will be two of us. Me for posting as my donation and with another. Shall be Paying It Forward. I do understand others being leery if the money is put to good use. Same way here, there are more than a few for a worthy cause. Some are total ripoff. Some I would research before any decision.

A local cause also a good way to help in need. I know I may be preaching to the choir of giving to the less fortunate. Follow the heart and it will lead to _

Here for a purpose, whether any form of giving makes the world a better place. In my mind always the soul touching Louis Armstrong song  "What A Wonderful World."  

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