Family Album

Big Family Too

APEMANMy cousin Leroy and I had a hard time deciding what pictures to put on the pages.


Yes, I am the smart one
Yet he not bright in the long run
Leroy always trying to out think me
I just relax under the shade tree
If not for my ideas, no family album


Here is Simmons. Was a fat kitten. kittypushupBut when he saw some video sweating to the oldies. He would never stop with the push ups.

TOILET OSCARMy cousin Bruce is so full of himself for training Oscar to use the toilet.

He would brag and brag about it. He is so conceited. We started calling him the Almighty.


Ah, the twins, "Frick and Frak" We never did know why they always smiled.

However at the time the next door neighbor had a beautiful German Sheppard.

On the other side of the house my neighbor had a female French Poodle.

The wife being from France would yell at me when mad. They must have picked up on it. I know they can't speak German.

pupsHere is Ricardo and Lucy. I have these two now. I love them so much. When I get on the treadmill and stop because it is too much effort. They take my place. .

My first wife, the best part of that time of my life with her was when that fat ass left me for a postman. Even got a job licking stamps.

Also did a photo shoot for" Beautiful Women of the Animal Kingdom" magazine.donkey-tongue-Q

COUCH POTATOUnightus loves football season. He would come over when a game was on. Ticks me off when he takes over my sofa, drinks my beer and eat chips. Won't buy his own, the family deadbeat.

More kin of mine. I know anytime now they are going to hit the big time. They sing cover songs like "Where did our bananas go" by the Supremes.

Another of my favorites, "Bunches Are" by Johnny Mathis. Then there is "It's All Ripe" written by Curtis Mayfield. SINGERS

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