Beyond the shadow of the unknown

Corridors leading to the great unknownTUNNEL
Toward many paths of we unaware
Streaming thoughts, experiences shown
Wisdom sought, answers always there

Taunting, curiosity driving force. Mysteries urging us forward. To the unknown over the next horizon.

Questions we have always wondered
Just what answers there will be
Over centuries many has pondered
No clue, beats the hell out of me


Corridors of the great unknown

All take for granted what we have today. Technology so much a part of life. Easy to forget generations of those before. What is over there. To understand the reason why. Understand how, what came to be. Thoughts by young and old. Men and women sharing thoughts, questions asked. Curiosity never ending, curiosity of what is. Five basics with wonder, as who, what, where and why.

With heart and mind we so dream,
Every person both young and old
To travel to places places unseen
And what secrets they may hold

What secrets, with answers to be found. Success from a single question. By curiosity, forever with us. Clues, pictures by becoming clear. Know with the asking. Know with a reason by glimpses of yet to see,

Forever there, forever a waiting mystery
Desire to understand for what it may be
Seeking answers of what yet known
Clues with us, there for us yet to see

Single moment itself a birth. Forever now, beginning new life. Forever, one with time. Witness the creation of wonder. By powers unknown. From the past, a direction of what may be. What direction by the future together may hold.

Marvel once a mystery. Embracing what lay ahead. Admiring sheer beauty by of the seen. By forces perhaps never be known. Power to shape itself, cast from itself to become the new. Guiding life most profound.

Results always seen, yet not aware. Beauty and miracles come to us everyday. A thankful heart will never leave. We can say Mother Nature and Father Time. Look at what has been done. Shall we look into life, a beauty. A miracle guided by destiny. Beyond the shadow of the unknown.

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