I wonder sometimes or mind wonders about certain things. Such as written In the Bible the story of Eve eating from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. As with other accounts which I will refer to many sources. The idea of the post is consider as a metaphor which each advance made as a people as eating from a leaf of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.

More I can say, but would be a sermon, not the purpose here. A preacher I am not. We know in many cases most everything learned or progress made in some way can be used in both ways. The nature of we humans it is what it is. No great wisdom I confess it is only to throw something out the which may be considered thinking out of the box.

Consider this scenario, surely brought up before. I bring up here the nature of our thoughts as people follow with the arrow of time and its perspective variations. Thank you Discovery Channel. Each of us think, feel, believe, or other definitions. Soon an event where with both technological advances and what may be another step in our evolution along with the base of beliefs may be described as Heaven. And much much more such as our works of imagination and creativity may be part of our new self. Such as the instance of science fiction becoming. Something to ponder there. Although to my own personal belief system in no way can I fully express my full thought process however anyone wishes to analyze or whatever. Although the other parts of me, myself and I is expressed on other sections of my website.

Relating a coming to being a merging of a spiritual nature, evolutional leap along with advances in technology where may be of a future what may can only be imagined. Such as with a blending of many what for lack of better explanation no sickness, death or hardship in any manner. Along with again forces I can say as nature also add what some will say the paranormal. And/or what one may believe God is truly revealed. There are many ways we can take this as we all follow what we do or do not understand or perceive and believe.

The many prophecies depending on faith, or what others consider foresight I believe or rather know we see an event coming where many teachings. Where I told you so by those religious and knowledge coming from our spiritual self. Bad, bad days ahead, and will only use the word hope afterwards of the promises or what written of the glorious future many wish to be for we as a species. Or say we have become what we truly are meant to be with whatever perspective one may choose. This sure leaves a door open for many add ons with the whole subject I am writing here.

Yes, the use of Wikipedia given and appreciation. Along with past donations yet with not as much as I would like.

Tree of the knowledge of good and evil

The tree of the knowledge of good and evil is one of two trees in the story of the Garden of Eden in Genesis 2-3, along with the tree of life. A cylinder seal, known as the temptation seal, from post-Akkadian periods in Mesopotamia (c. 23rd-22nd century BCE), has been linked to the Adam and Eve story.

I like to use the idea of what my inner self telling me. Is to again try to see things in a different light. For instance as written in the Bible and other Holy books with adding more perspectives and views. Saying we are as Children of God or Star Children.

Makes no difference, for just as a child is born and grows to be an adult. We can also propose as a species still in our youth. And soon the time when an mind blowing realization with reaching our full potential we can say grown to be more than children but more as Adults. Will go ahead and say Family of God and other perspectives one may choose to see.

This too leaves a door open to debates from many sides. We can express our base beliefs in many ways here. I am not writing this to debate what one verse of any book or any teachings will bring the back and forth of it is written as so and that is it. We do our thing, not writing this to bring up any heavy or deep conversations. For I have no desire to be a masterdebater. We all do enough of this already.

Just as there are countless references to refer to. Under the life situation I am under now I still will share what I admire and taken inspiration from. Although with compare myself to a old country boy with limitations.

To continue with the train of thought as I started out with at the beginning of the post. I see all around thanks to the Wide Web World both inspiration and insight of my own. As I mentioned before we know there are a gazillion websites where truth and total misinformation or plain nonsense. Enough said there. I wish to lay out what many know of good topics and talks about what I am speaking of in this post.

Returning to Ideas worth spreading I wish to pick out a few insightful talks of we as a people learning, growing, seeing where we have been and where we may be going.

There is so much and I can pick a few to relate but I wish to do a little more. Even though what I decide to share the wealth of others. I feel led to post simply for the fact I go as so led.

In conclusion while I can write more but will not try to fool myself that one among many can share all with one. Thus this is the greatness of the information age. That sharing in thoughts, ideas and concepts benefits us all. And feel so led to use to add to my point.

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