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About Selectho

Given thoughts, word may be overused but it is what it is. Deep thinker, confess some of my ideas are out and may be confusing or give many impressions of just what I am writing about. In a manner of speak I am a real nowhere man. No career only relating and writings during these last days of my life. Health doing me in, writing as I do is sitting bedridden.

Moment to Ponder

two minds


two universes

As the left and right hemisphere of our brain making us who we are as a person. The Universe is the Minds Eye making us what we are. Remember at Home I spoke as thoughts in three. Wondrous is the whole concept of who we are, why are we self aware.

The many other questions asked over the ages. just as these questions leave us hanging aching for answers. I wonder, ponder, and meditate on what really is the meaning of it all.

Just as time marches on. Words, ideas with selective will follow as we all.