A robot with an uncannily human-like appearance recently advanced one step closer to human status, when it was granted citizenship to Saudi Arabia at the tech summit Future Investment Initiative (FII).  More

I can say I saw this coming. But not in this manner. Much debate on how tech is advancing. And the pros and cons of such as we are seeing in this article. But a citizen? Couple  of questions other than last paragraph with the article. Like where is the wig or something? Change of skin color, and position or job she will tasked with. What about Anatomically Correct? And treated as human, say beating it up or other cultural differences? Just what rights? This last paragraph also tells only a part of this whole issue.

The conference audience welcomed the robot, but many on social media were quick to point out the irony of Saudi Arabia offering citizenship to a machine, according to the BBC. Many migrant workers who have lived there for decades have yet to receive the privilege, and the freedom of Saudi women is still closely regulated: A national ban on women drivers was lifted only recently, in September, the BBC reported.

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