Of Time

Of Song

Person with self new life came along
A new day, new way given to song
Touched by the time of what so given
Savor the song, new presence within
Forever cherish each dusk and dawn

Each morning we wake, on occasion no idea or with a plan. We take our thoughts, new path of chance ahead. We marvel at world around us. Time signals to us new song begun. Unaware the beat of given experience of past with present.

Let our Minds Eye look to all things a song. For every step we make, every breath we take. Follows the rhythm of what we may feel. We may whistle while we work. Or sing the blues with what we experience. All creation can be said as an orchestra playing an heavenly songs on an infinite stage.


What seen, felt within ourselves. We follow along matching our experience as a song.

After all, matters not the beat goes on.

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