“The Minds Eye sees beauty in great and small. The heart and soul captures the wonder of it all.”

For the beauty capture the minds eye.
Any time, any place, Soul within shall Fly


The site brought to you sponsored by "The three mode workings of mind"  within each of us helping understand Minds Eye. With example of the prime number Three.

Can be put many ways, God's Prime Number "Three". This the only way I can express it. May be put in several ways' or arranged.

Father, Son and Holy Spirit
Body, Mind and Soul
Me, Myself and I

Or arranged another way. Three, Two and One. Or arranged in any number of ways.

These are the base factors as understanding. No intention here other than give food for thought.

Physically, intellectually and spiritually
Reasoning, Association and symbolism
Thoughts, Ideas, and Concepts

Or said again, countdown "Three, Two, One. I write with no purpose, other to post what I post. Brain interprets so many ways.

One last thing to say, look around at the examples of three's in daily life one may think nothing of. Such as our use of language, phrases and results. With use of the three in society. In books, songs and more. To some all this means nothing. There are so many, I have recognized three's over the years and put the them with what written above. In some way, shape or form.

Knock three times
Three times a lady
Third time a charm
And baby makes three

This is for my amusement to list these examples. So many, easily can count off more. Connect the 1,2,3's above. Take as one will. I dazzle with brilliance or baffle with nonsense. Or could it be with confidence.


From hand to quill
Ink to paper, words to speak
Given of self writer reveal
Images described most unique


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With These Words of posts and page
My thoughts so give, i've selected
Views and musings on internet stage
However taken true Words Eclectic

Humbled by works of so very many
Embarrassed often, no talent barely any
However truth be said odd I know
These parts of my Body, Mind and Soul

Of what observations may be seen
Of what impressions guide the mind
By what sensations, witnessed bring
Memory given, Snapshot With Time


Here a confession I do make
Guided by my thoughts this my take
To wonder by those wiser than I
What one thinks, this style and why
Purpose of writing collective handshake

May be hard to notice thoughts are in three
As a book of ideas, train of thoughts completely
Never able to explain till meeting like minds
Words and phrases, my thoughts you find
No purpose, no intentions, words chosen selectively

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